A Structured Communication Technique

13 hours

INSTRUCTOR: Tony Roffers, Ph.D and Nancy J. Foster, J.D.

   Friday & Saturday, June 1-2, 2012 (9:00 am – 4:30 pm each day)

    Muir Woods Room on First Floor of 175 North Redwood Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903
 (18 miles north of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge)

FEE:   $550 (Early Registration: $490 if paid by 4/20/12; $520 if paid by 5/4/12).

CE CREDITS:    MCLE & BBS (12.0 hours); MCEP (13 hours to be submitted for review to MCEPAA for approval, Provider #NOR045)


The B-E-A-R Process (Breathe, Empathize, Acknowledge, Respond), is a collaborative conflict resolution model providing a structured step-by-step sequence that can be used by mediators, couples therapists and divorce coaches to avoid impasses. The B-E-A-R Process enables the parties’ pre-frontal cortex to maintain dominance over the mid brain and brain stem during high conflict situations and thus reduce emotional volatility and balance power differentials between the parties. There will be video and live demonstrations and role plays with instructor feedback. The focus of this course is to not just teach the basic skills but to deepen participants’ ability to tap the underlying meaning, importance and interests of the parties and to reach resolution.

Who should attend: mediators, child specialists, therapists, custody evaluators, minor’s counsel, parenting coordinators, special masters, and court appointed therapists.


“What a wonderful workshop with an exceptional group of professionals! I was so grateful for everyone’s compassion, intelligence and grace. “

“Very good workshop, you two! I am pleasantly intrigued by the content. Very creative.”

“I really enjoyed this! Framing communication tools for the mediator tool chest is invaluable.”

“This communication method should be taught in schools, the work place, police, etc.”

Comments about Tony Roffers:

“Amazing to listen to. Makes points felt as well as heard. Love the gestures when a good point is being made.”

“Patience and gentleness in instruction is so helpful.”

“Right there, eagle eyes – fun to observe, and kindness is so palpable.

Comments about Nancy Foster:

“I most like anytime you demonstrate – it helps to see the process modeled.”

“Very strong with process and explanations. Enjoyable and on track.”

“Clear, concise prompts, transitions – thanks for the modeling.”

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